Episode 32 – Charlie Hall

This was a fun interview!  I was soaking up every bit of knowledge I could get!  Charlie Hall is an incredible worship leader and song writer that helped pave the way for so many of us today.  He was one of the founding worship leaders in the “Passion” movement and is someone i’ve looked up to for a long time!

Episode 6 – Matt Podesla


I am so thankful that I continuously get opportunities to talk with and glean wisdom from guys that have been in the worship world for a long time!  Sometimes we can tend to put these people on pedestals, but I’ve come to find that they are just normal people just like you and me.

In Episode 6, I have a phone conversation with Matt Podesla!  Matt has played guitar with artist like John Mark McMillan, Matt Redman, Passion, and Matt Maher.  He loves what he does!  We talk about Bands we like, gear, and wisdom that he has collected over his tenure in the worship world.