Episode 21 – Rich Gilliland (Bass Player/Contract Musician w/ LifeChurch)

Finally!  We are talking BASS!  Its all about that Bass yall!  My friend Rich Gilliland is a KILLER musician.   He has some serious chops.  He can also play any and all genres of music.  He started on stand up bass, he has played R&B/Hip Hop w/ Christian artist KJ-52, He has played Rock w/ Christian Band Pillar.  He has worked for “Church on the Move” and currently works w/ LifeChurch!  If that isn’t a killer resume then I don’t know what is!

In this episode, Rich tells his story. We talk about Bass tone, On boarding musicians, the audition process within LifeChurch, and Captain Crunch Berries!

Episode 20 – Chris Shifflett (Metal Drummer + Worship Drummer)

Have you ever known musicians that can play any style of music that you throw at them?  I don’t know many that can do multiple styles well.  Chris Shifflett is a drummer that plays Metal during the week.  He is honestly probably one of the best metal drummers in the country!  (And i’m not just saying that because he is on my podcast!) If you don’t believe me, then you can watch his latest play through video here.  Believe me now?!  Thought so!

Chris also plays drums for me at the church I serve at on Sundays (when he isn’t on the road w/ They Will Fall).  He is an incredible pocket worship drummer too!  Plus he loves Jesus like crazy!

In episode 20 we talk about the worship genre and how he feels about it as a Metal guy.  Plus we joke around about how we can both rap Linkin Park from our younger days.  Hope you enjoy!


Episode 19 – Brandon Frazier (Life.Church Worship Pastor)


So this past week I got the opportunity to hang out with some incredible musicians/people from Life.Church .  One of those people being Brandon.  Brandon is not only an amazingly talented vocalist/worship leader, but he is also a fun guy to sit around the fire, crack jokes, and tell stories with.  If I had to describe him in one word, I would probably use the word “Genuine”.  Brandon loves Jesus and that is evident to anyone who knows him, but he is also upfront about his mistakes and how God is redeemer in his life.

On Easter this past year (2017) Life.Church started a series called “Playlist”.  Using scripture, they took secular songs and pulled the Gospel out of them.  On Easter Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday for ministers), Brandon did a cover of Million Reasons by Lady Gaga that was used at all of the Life.Church campuses.  After that Sunday it went viral! You can watch it for yourself and understand why.

This is a great interview!  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!